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Montgomery graduated from Ryerson Polytechnical University, Toronto, Ontario, with a bachelor of technology honours degree in 1991. Prior to this, he had studied mechanical engineering at the University of British Columbia from 1981 to 1984.

Mr. Gisborne has been working on automobiles since his early teens and grew up in an automotive and mechanical engineering environment. He is a descendant of Frederic Newton Gisborne, the early (Canadian) telegraph pioneer who first proposed, then successfully completed the first transatlantic telegraph utilizing the largest ship in its day, the Great Eastern.

After many successful restorations of gas-powered automobiles, Montgomery became actively involved with electric vehicles in 1993. Since 1994, he has served on the executive of Canada's largest electric vehicle association, the Electric Vehicle Society. In this capacity, he has managed the 100-plus members' treasury and membership list as well as volunteeredView Our Milestones his services at the various exhibitions, such as the Toronto Auto Show. In 1996, he completed Canada's only electric vehicle technical course at Durham College, Whitby, Ontario in highest standing.

In November 1996, Montgomery was selected to be among a handful of people invited to Vancouver to take part in General Motor's test program entitled "PrEView" to provide feedback regarding the world's first modern mass-produced electric car, the EV1. Later in 1996, he decided to take his involvement in electric vehicles one step further with the construction of an electric car to compete in the 1997 (and subsequently 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2003) "American Tour de Sol" electric vehicle rally, the world's largest and most popular environmental event. With the help of sponsors including General Electric and using lithium batteries from Electrovaya, Mr. Gisborne's entry the "ElectriFly", a converted 1991 Pontiac Firefly convertible, placed tenth out of fifty entries in its first competition and fifth, seventh, second and sixth in its later attempts. In 2003, Mr. Gisborne's entry, a Chinese-made electric car, placed first.

Mr. Gisborne served as president of the Durham Electric Vehicle Association during the 1998-1999 term, during which time he conceptualized and organized Canada's first electric vehicle rally entitled the Canadian Clean Air Cruise. Widely publicized, twelve vehicles participated in this rally from Oshawa to Scarborough and the event was reported on in over 25 newspaper articles, as well as on five television stations and three magazines. Prominent sponsors included the Canadian Tire Corporation and the Oshawa Utilities Commission.

Montgomery spends most of his time driving or working on electric cars, motorscooters, tractors or boats or reading about them. He has logged about 50,000 kilometers electrically and hopes to one day to be the first person to travel across Canada. His efforts have been published in a variety of publications including the Cottage Life, Toronto Star, Car Guide and the New York Times and he has appeared on a variety of radio and television newscasts and talk shows in the U.S. and Canada. His unique story was featured on a Rogers Television program in 2001 and on CBC's Marketplace television show in 2002, as well as History Television's "Things That Move". His electric vehicles have also been used in a major television and motion picture production, where Mr. Gisborne was also employed as an electric vehicle consultant to the shows.

In 2003, Mr. Gisborne built the world's first practical electric snowmobile, dubbed the Sk-E-Doo, utilizing advanced nickel-cadmium batteries. His story was featured in many publications, including a feature story in Cottage Life magazine. The snowmobile sees active winter duty at Mr. Gisborne's Haliburton-area cottage, where he also uses an all-electric "ElDeBo" boat for summer recreational activities. Mr. Gisborne is a frequent speaker in cottage country on his concept of "techno-environmentalism" which is the act of recreational enjoyment of environmentally-sensitive areas without the usual damaging emissions.

The Tamarack Lake Electric Boat Company was formed by Mr. Gisborne in 2005 to bring to market electric boats, such as the "Loon", a viable solar-assisted electric boat using proprietary electronics to manage energy input and output.The Loon A custom-designed, prototype 20-foot pontoon-style boat with 738 watts of solar panels overhead was built by Gisborne and launched in August 2005. It performed better than expected, motivating Gisborne to bring the concept to production. The Gisborne family (including wife Denise and daughter Deanna) went on a 170-kilometer journey down the historic Trent-Severn Waterway later that month, the first to ever do so. The company was formed as Canada's first ever electric-only boat business catering specifically to only boats powered by electricity and is located at Starport Landing Marina, near Orillia, Ontario.

Mr. Gisborne resides in Bayshore Village, near Orillia, Ontario, where he conducts his work on electric vehicles and keeps a well-stocked library with up-to-date information from the various lists and magazines and club newsletters he subscribes to.

Montgomery Gisborne, B.Tech.
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